Don't Quit Own It!
A free browser based multiplayer hacking game

Don’t Quit, Own It!

is a multiplayer hacking game that works in your browser, it’s free to play and has proceeded past the minimum viable product stage. There are gateways, logs, files, processes, viruses, antiviruses, obfuscation, source code, a compiler, a market, even a DNS system so you can host your own websites. New features are being added. If you are willing to donate to the game (Collecting GRIN for future prizes) then to help you get started in playing the game, for every GRIN you donate, I will send to your in-game account 1.00000000 CRD (in-game credits) just send me a DM and we’ll make a GRIN transaction! Or you can take a loan of 0.075 CRD for 10% interest in-game for free when you start. Can you own it?


I know nothing about hacking but I’ll be sure to show a few friends of mine who do about this. Very cool!


This is really awesome, I’m going to check out this project and get back to you with a GRIN donation for sure.

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