Hello everyone!

I’m Arthur on Slatepacks - grindoggo on Keybase, 2ro on Github and dog on the grin forums. My PGP key can be found here. You can reach me through DM, here, or email arthur@slatepacks.com

I’ve been a Bitcoin “investor” since 2015 and became an active member of the crypto community in 2017, creating Crypto Drip. In 2019 I became an active member of the crypto economy by creating a unique business model which ultimately uses cryptocurrencies to work.

Operations starting in 2019 and still going, I’m at 2000+ customers with only 1 dispute.

I am happy to provide escrow services for trades that involve GRIN. Slatepack middleman available.

How to start the tx with escrow

  • DM me OR post here (best if you do both) with a short explanation of your trade (what you’re trading, who you’re trading with).
  • Choose a secure e2ee platform (Recommended: Matrix) for members of the trade to join. I will confirm details of the trade to all members.
  • Funds or goods will be held until a second confirmation of the trade is obtained from both parties. I will confirm instructions within the e2ee chat.
  • A safe transaction should happen and both parties will receive what was initially agreed on.
  • If a dispute were to arise, the transaction process would be halted and I will act as the mediator (and judge) and release the BTC and/or other goods to the party/parties with the most concrete (strongest) evidence and reasoning. I will remain neutral throughout the dispute.

Contact methods


  • Mon-Fri: 9AM - 10PM EST
  • Saturday: 10AM-11PM
  • Sunday: 10AM-11PM (existing escrow trades only)

What I offer

  • Physical Trades (Bitcoin/GRIN miners, computer parts, etc.)
  • Digital Trades (Domain transfers, steam trades, etc.)
  • Holding funds (Collateral, gambling, etc.)
  • Anything else, really! Must be legit and legal trading ONLY 👍

Since these services are new I am happy to provide verification of identity to trusted GRIN community members.

Escrow Services

    Always do your own research before trusting any escrow.

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