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I’m going to take you up on this offer next week!!

Can you explain more about what’s being offered?

THANK YOU for the offer – trustworthy seller, super fast delivery!

Yes, thank you for posting this, friend. It really is incredible home-farm-made peanut butter and it’s very worth the price + shipping. THANK YOU for re-offering this.

Haven’t been able to figure it out yet 😓

(loving your games so far, i’ll try to gather people from the forums and telegram to participate.)

You definitely already know this but just for posterity’s sake, you got it Mr. Potter!

This is really awesome, I’m going to check out this project and get back to you with a GRIN donation for sure.

Just to note, before the wipe we completed 10 transactions, three of them being auctions/CYP.

Hope this helps.

I’m so sorry about the history deletion, our database was wiped. I’ll make a post about it here in the morning, I’m just very tired now and have to sleep.

TODO: make a list of other successful transactions that was on the previous site

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Terms of Use and Code of Conduct

Our Terms of Use are simple: …

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Restrictions of Account Selling / Invite Only site Selling

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Marketplace Guidelines
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